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our key features


Quality is determined by creating and selling products that brings pleasure to customers and investor expectations.


Commitment develop by trust and professionalism to complete orders and tasks within agreement time. .


Details means the product that are created should be taken care of to the smallest details.


Innovation means developing and designing products to targets for satisfying the market .

About us

Local Furnitures Indonesia is the starting point for Indonesia furniture quality to be able to satisfy the market demands. We are a company engaged to manufacturing with high quality materials.

In the early stage , our company worked only on raw materials for domestic supplies which lately we are expanding to another derivatives products as the international markets demands more.

Our Products

-Created with Passion and Talent-

 Give us 1 picture and We Can Craft It.

Product 1

Webbing/ Weaving ( Open , Close , Square , Sendit ) . You can request What size and Quality.

Product 2

Season style of Plant Pot.

Product 3

Newest Collection Coffee table Requested .

Product 4

Newest Collection Sample Cupboard Requested.

Our Teams

Pericles andrew


"Furniture crafting is also art"

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